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Special fire-fighting system


Mare Collection
MARE15 consists of: 1 or 2 500 g Firecom Aerosol Generator, 1 control and command unit (Marcantognini) and stainless steel bracket. The control unit indicates pre-alarm signal, alarm discharge underway with 5 sec. discharge delay. Mare15 is manually activated in electrical way or , thanks to the possibility to connect a heat sensing cable, in automatic way as well. We manufacture 3 systems for boat protection. Our nautical systems protect the engine compartment until 30 cubic metres. No toxic, ecofriendly, no damage neither mechanical or electronical system, lightweight and haven’t neither nozzles or cylinders. Nautical  set is composed by 3 systems: aernautical, mare15 and mare30.


Special fire-fighting system MARE15 - FIRECOM AUTOMOTIVE

Special fire-fighting system MARE15 - FIRECOM AUTOMOTIVE
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