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Emergency exit door handle


The NovoGuard the panic lever handle, UNI EN1125, at the request may be equipped with a high visibility photoluminescent strip (patent Novoferm). NovoGuard, along with NovoPush complite the exclusive line of panic bars producted directly by Novoferm, a global benchmark for closing fire doors and sectional. The Panic bar Novoguard second European standard EN 1125 with CE operating on mortise locks. It is reversible, compact and complete with aluminum bar with central high-visibility color that highlights the way out (patented). It features variable rotation mechanism lever ball bearing with a minimum effort to drive (patented). Available in different lengths, it is easily shortened in the opera, in any position without holes / slots for interlocking the fingers, corrosion resistant to salt spray. Available in different finishes to suit any environment and with the possibility of installation through the cylinder, the outside handle and cylinder, etc...

Panic bar component:
1 - Push bar
2 - Evidence green central plastic strip
3 - 4 Cam with SKF 61902-2RS1 DIN 625
5 - Push bar reset springs C47 hardened
6 - Shafts of handle bodies fixing
7 -8 Fixed stirrup and handle RH,black
9 -10 Fixed stirrup and handle LH,black
11- Fixed screws side door atura)
12- Fixed screws side lock (furnished with lock)
13- Caps for screw holes 

The furnished loose components are only:
3 - 4 n°1 cam with SKF 61902-2RS1 DIN 625
11 - n°4 fixed screws side door
13 - n°4 caps for screw holes


Emergency exit door handle NOVOGUARD - NOVOFERM SCHIEVANO

Emergency exit door handle NOVOGUARD - NOVOFERM SCHIEVANO
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