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Gas Closed Boiler fireplace

Manufacturer MCZ GROUP

Forma Gas Collection
Horizontal shape gas glass-fronted fireplace that, thanks to a profile of compensation almost imperceptible, it fits perfectly with the existing house. The closed fireplace is supplied with a set of logs to create a lifelike reproduction of a log fire. The closed fireplace is also available in the version with white pebbles if you prefer.
In addition to operating through natural convection, this closed fireplace can be teamed with the patented Comfort Air system that makes it possible to convey the hot air to several rooms - even unconnected - at a distance of up to 8 metres.This fireplace is compatible with the following coverings: Scenario, Gauguin, Klee, Natural.

MCZ GROUP Catalogues

Gas Closed Boiler fireplace FORMA 95 GAS - MCZ GROUP

Gas Closed Boiler fireplace FORMA 95 GAS - MCZ GROUP
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