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Wood-burning Boiler fireplace

Manufacturer MCZ GROUP

Hydrotherm Collection
Front closed hydro fireplace with folding door, which can be positioned at a 45° angle or against a wall. The height of the door provides an excellent view of the flames in their entirety. Can be equipped with heater plate unit for hot water.
HOT RADIATORS FAST: A lot of heating is certainly important, obtaining it quickly no less: thanks to its new constructive conception, in only 10 minutes Hydrotherm is able to take hot water (40°) to the radiators, a decidedly higher performance than the traditional products on the market.
SAFE AND AUTOMATIC: Unlike traditional fireplaces, Hydrotherm is equipped with an air combustion regulating valve and automatic safety which translates into more safety at home and notably easy use.
A COMPLETE SOLUTION: The installation of this fireplace stove is made even easier thanks to the kits for connection to the heating system and to the hot water circuit which MCZ makes available as an accessory.

MCZ GROUP Catalogues

Wood-burning Boiler fireplace HYDROSYSTEM F80/A - MCZ GROUP

Wood-burning Boiler fireplace HYDROSYSTEM F80/A - MCZ GROUP
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