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Collector unit

Manufacturer AERMEC

SAP units are water accumulation units with inertia accumulation tank, designed allow significant savings in time required to set up water installations.
Supplied complete with all the hydraulic and electrical components necessary for correct operation of the water circuit for distribution of chilled water, these units can be installed in conjunction with all models of AERMEC water chillers.
All sizes can be equipped with a circulator pump chosen from the available range; the first two models allow the additional installation of a circulator or a second pump thereby creating a primary circuit for the chiller and a secondary circuit for the users.
Fully factory assembled and individually tested, these units assure the maximum ease of access for inspection and maintenance purposes.

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Collector unit SAP - AERMEC

Collector unit SAP - AERMEC
Collector unit SAP - AERMEC

Collector unit SAP - AERMEC
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