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Wood-fired steel outdoor oven

Manufacturer Sunday

Sunday Expert Collection
ARCOS - Aluminised steel outdoor oven with bronze coloured steel front, AISI 430BA stainless steel cooking chamber and vaulted double glazed door.

Dimensioni:79x118.5x230 cm (Arcos 100)
74x98.5x230 cm (Arcos 80)
74x78.5x230 cm (Arcos 60)

Weight:344 kg (Arcos 100)
265 kg (Arcos 80)
224 kg (Arcos 60)

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 - Built-in wood-fired oven ARCOS COMFORT AIR - Sunday Built-in wood-fired oven Arcos indoor version with room heating function via the MCZ patented Comfort Air® system (optional) which channels hot air up to a distance of 8 metres.

Dimensioni:79x118.5x157 cm (Arcos 100 CA)
74x98.5x157 cm (Arcos 80 CA)
74x78.5x157 cm (Arcos 60 CA)

Weight:343 kg (Arcos 100 CA)
260 kg (Arcos 80 CA)
221 kg (Arcos 60 CA)

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Wood-fired steel outdoor oven ARCOS - Sunday

Wood-fired steel outdoor oven ARCOS - Sunday
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