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BABYLON | Planter

High planter

Manufacturer Dedon

design by
Babylon Collection
The iconic BABYLON collection of planters and stools represents a key addition to DEDON’s concept of the Outdoor Living Room. Characterized by their ribbed, asymmetrical, seemingly collapsing forms, these striking pieces by celebrated design duo Harry & Camila give the impression of being hand-crafted one-offs. In fact, they’re the product of complex algorithms, advanced roto-molding technique, years of development and no shortage of imagination or perseverance on the part of their creators, who cite inspirations as diverse as The Tower of Babel by Pieter Breugel and a pair of soft, suede books Harry wore in the 80s.
At once both minimalist and highly expressive, BABYLON is the perfect complement to any DEDON furniture collections. More than mere accessories, however, these pieces also work brilliantly on their own. Standing one meter tall, the BABYLON planter can bring more than a little drama and definition to your outdoor living room. Smaller but no less dynamic are the BABYLON side tables. Created from high-tech ceramics, meanwhile, and available in three distinct shapes and sizes, the BABYLON garden vases add an inspiring touch to any setting, outdoors or in.

BABYLON L - Planter. Made of roto-moulded polyethylene, the meter-tall BABYLON planter is lightweight yet strong, easy to maintain,
perfect for year-round outdoor use and 100-percent recyclable.
Frame: Item is made of lightweight, weather-resistant, 100-percent-recyclable roto-moulded Polyethylene (PE).


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High planter BABYLON | Planter - Dedon


High planter BABYLON | Planter - Dedon
DEDON | TOAN NGUYEN - I Saloni 2013
DEDON | Daniel Pouzet - iSaloni 2014
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