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Metal fabric and mesh

Manufacturer MARIANItech

Wire mesh Collection
A true metallic wire cloth with special warp and wire patterns, useful to bright up and enhance every surface. Specially suitable for counter-ceilings, partition walls and various interior design applications. MARIANItech® wire meshes are manufactured with high quality selected materials, as Stainless Steel AISI 316 / 304, Aluminium, Brass, Bronze, Copper, high resistance Synthetic Fibers. Thanks to our experience based on over 80 years of history, we are able to manufacture customized wire meshes upon customer drawing. Moreover MARIANItech® gives you the opportunity to have wire mesh in standard size, shaped panels and/or upon drawing. We can assist you also during the covering project phase and we can take care also of the complete installation with the innovative “all inclusive” NO SURPRISE service.

MARIANItech Catalogues

Metal fabric and mesh TWEED - MARIANItech

Metal fabric and mesh TWEED - MARIANItech
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