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Glass coffee table with light

Manufacturer Draenert

design by
Artifacts Collection
Giers: "Originally there was the word: Kubis-tisch. The word and the real cube appear continuously in slowly changing colours. In a normal illuminated room the kubis-tisch appears pastel-coloured, in a very brightly lit room in white and in a dark room puffy. The experience is of interest, that each momentary shade of colour triggers different emotions depending on the previous colour; a yellow, which follows a blue has an effect differing from a yellow which follows a green!" Limited Edition: 6 pieces. Some adjectives in the German language have the ending "-tisch" equivalent to "-tic" in the English language. The artist took his inspiration from German adjectives with this ending, which as a noun "Tisch" is the German word for "table". This play on words can be explained but, unfortunately, not be translated.
Just one example: "op-tisch" could be read as "optic table".  
Glass coffee table with light KUBIS - TISCH - Draenert

Glass coffee table with light KUBIS - TISCH - Draenert
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