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CORSO | Stool

High upholstered stool

Manufacturer Wittmann

design by
Corso Collection
Paolo Piva created an entire sofa range based on the Corso chair, mainly with the contract market in mind. The armchair, two and three-seater sofas, and bench are all derived from the same characteristic U-shape as the Corso chair. The result is an unusually light character, especially in the case of the sofas, which recall a waiting room bench. In fact, this range is particularly suitable for public areas of buildings, but at the same time the quality of the upholstery ensures that waiting is a comfortable experience. The formal design of the armrests reflects functional considerations, while they also convey a sense of comfort and ease. And it is precisely these feelings that use of furniture inspires. The Corso bench is an ideal match for any of the chairs in the Wittmann collection. And it goes without saying that this does not involve foregoing the flexible back rest – a key advantage because it permits each user to find the right position for his or her personal comfort.

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High upholstered stool CORSO | Stool - Wittmann

High upholstered stool CORSO | Stool - Wittmann
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