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Decorative strands

Manufacturer Swarovski

Crystal Strands Collection
Crystal Strands, MADE WITH SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS, offer a wealth of fascinating architectural possibilities: Rooms can be uniquely designed while simultaneously acquiring form and structure – they begin to breathe and are filled with sparkling life. Crystal Strands provide designers and architects with limitless inspiration. The playful interaction of their countless facets and reflections transforms rooms into sparkling creative playgrounds. Dive into the versatile possibilities that SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS Crystal Strands open up. Pinned Crystal Strands come in myriad forms. The pinning technique, which is known throughout the lighting industry, makes it possible to produce the widest array of combinations of various kinds of crystal, including the most modern variants. When seen up close, the small size of the strands' connecting pins creates a sparkling surface of light and crystal. Because Pinned Crystal Strands are available in myriad forms and can even be customized, those presented here for your inspiration are only a selection. For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time.
Decorative strands PINNED CRYSTAL STRANDS - Swarovski

Decorative strands PINNED CRYSTAL STRANDS - Swarovski
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