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Plant maintenance and management

Manufacturer Honeywell - CentraLine

The ARENA is a Web based Workstation for C-Bus, LON and BACnet CentraLine controllers. It serves small and medium size systems. Up to 50 local or remote sites via LAN (max. 30 remote sites with BACnet VPN) can be established. The maximum number of datapoints is 10.000 + 10.000NVs. There is a system design document available for all the rules to be applied. Furthermore it is possible to operate the ARENA via web browser on a client PC and this does not require extra software.Together with the configuration tool COACH and CARE, all system specific data is accessible locally and remotely. All CentraLine based control systems for e.g. room temperature, supply temperature, boiler temperature, and air humidity applications can be operated and monitored with ARENA.The ARENA license includes a graphic editor, which can create a completely independent graphic user interface for non-technical users.
Plant maintenance and management ARENA - Honeywell - CentraLine

Plant maintenance and management ARENA - Honeywell - CentraLine
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