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Floor tile grout

Manufacturer Rezina

Impasti fondo Collection
Use only horizontally. For resin flooring. Ideal for apartments, staircases, public places, offices, and shops. Pigmentable product and already available in at least 44 colour versions. It is one of our strong points in our “TEXTURED” effect application cycles. The product combines advanced technical characteristics with a considerably aesthetic finish. It acquires a very elegant mélange effect of its own accord. It is the only product on the market whose effect is guaranteed irrespective of the skill of the applicator. This allows floors to be created that are consistent with the samples previously created. Epoxy resin-based bi-component mortar in a water-based dispersion, usable for smoothing. Excellent on concrete. Excellent adhesion on humid supports. Vapour permeability. good resistance to wear. Ideal for creating finishes on floors with good decorative effect.

Rezina Catalogues

Floor tile grout ZN BASE-C - Rezina

Floor tile grout ZN BASE-C - Rezina

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