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H2O-C 900

Urethane paint

Manufacturer Rezina

Finishes Collection
Two-component product easy to use-based polyurethane dispersion in aqueous vehicle.
By evaporation of the water forms a continuous film that presents: high anchor on various media properties, mechanical properties, good abrasion resistance, good solvent resistance, excellent resistance to weathering. 
Produced on request. 
Finishing epoxy-coating thickness.
Finishing resin coatings.
Painting transparent cement or brick surfaces.

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 - Epoxy paint EPO H2O-C | Epoxy paint - Rezina Epoxy paint Coloured finish for resin floors and coverings. Colouring of concrete industrial floors. Filled with suitable inerts and smoothed, it allows very low thickness resin coats. Ideal for painting tiled walls. Enamel for wainscoting. Used, with the addition of quartz, also as a primer on non-absorbent supports. Easily pigmentable product in all colour versions. It is one of our strong points in our “MONOCHROMATIC” effect application cycles. Bi-component coloured finish made up of epoxy and ammine resins in a waterbased dispersion. The product has a high solid content and is completely solventfree. Excellent resistance to wear. Easy to clean surface. Good resistance to water, to alkaline solutions, to detergents and fossil fuels both high-boiling and lowboiling (oil, diesel, petrol, etc.). Always needs induction time before use.
 - Enamel FILM SOL-C - Rezina Enamel Finish for resin floors and coverings. Final protective varnish for resin floors, suited to high traffc premises. The product associated with the Epo H2O – C as a base on concrete supports forms a perfect epoxy-polyurethane application cycle with high qualities of adhesion, ease of cleaning and resistance to acids and fatty agents. Its characteristics render it functional both for creating the floor of a luxury studio and that of a workshop floor. Formulation made up of aliphatic polyurethane resins. Available in different coloured versions. Resists yellowing due to ultraviolet radiation and has excellent resistance to acids. After hardening it forms a film that maintains good flexibility. This characteristic also makes the product suitable for treating metal surfaces. Excellent resistance to wear.

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Urethane paint H2O-C 900 - Rezina

Urethane paint H2O-C 900 - Rezina
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