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Continuous flooring

Manufacturer Rezina

Finishes Collection
Flooring for the mechanical, chemical, and foodstuff industries. Flooring for kitchens and communal areas. Flooring for laboratories and hospitals. Flooring for commercial premises and workshop floors. Protection of ducting and tanks. Product only pigmentable with solventbased pastes.This is the classic selflevelling epoxy resin. Epoxy resin-based bi-component product used in combination with cycloaliphatic ammine hardeners. Can be filled with quartz, can be applied as a selfleveller or as a smoothing system. As is to be applied with a roller in order to create non-slip coats and high thickness, impermeable and sparkproof varnishes.

Rezina Catalogues

Continuous flooring 0 SOL-C - Rezina

Continuous flooring 0 SOL-C - Rezina
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