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Continuous flooring

Manufacturer Rezina

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High thickness self-levelling transparent finish for floors of: shops, offces, showrooms, restaurants and bars. Recommended for use solely on horizontal surfaces.Used to incorporate objects up to 5 mm, less sensitive than other products on the market to the phenomenon of carbonation that occurs when the environment has a high level of humidity during drying. During Rezina courses participants are trained on a few small precautions during use that allow the expected result to be achieved. Glaze finish suited to the incorporation of objects. Epoxy resin-based bicomponent product. Excellent for creating decorative floors. Applied thick as a finish on floors, it gives the support a “wet effect” appearance maintaining the natural transparent product.

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 - Continuous flooring 0 SOL LOW - Rezina Continuous flooring Low thickness self-levelling transparent finish not suited for floors in humid environments. The product can be filled with a small percentage of powders and pearlescents in order to obtain silver and glitter effects. The product is applied as an intermediate stage for protective purposes and is indispensable in application cycles with Zn Base. Epoxy resin-based bi-component product used in combination with ammine hardeners in order to create decorative floors. Applied thinly as a finish on floors it confers a “wet effect” appearance to the support, maintaining its transparent product. Even at low thicknesses the finish does not result in cissing.
 - Continuous flooring EPO H2O-LOW - Rezina Continuous flooring Product two-component epoxy resin usedin combination with amine hardeners to create decorative floors.
As applied to thin layers of floor finish giveslooks like a wet support maintaining its transparency.
Even at low thicknesses finishing no schivature (corns). 
Restaurants and bars. 

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Continuous flooring 0 SOL HIGH - Rezina

Continuous flooring 0 SOL HIGH - Rezina
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