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ZN | Self-levelling mortar

Self-levelling mortar

Manufacturer Rezina

Impasti fondo Collection
Use only horizontally. Flat floors. Industrial floors, warehouses and commercial premises. Ideal for repairing, levelling, and homogenising very disconnected cement surfaces. Pumpable product, can even be applied by mixing it using a low rev mixer drill. Excellent self-levelling properties, shrinkage-compensating product. Self-levelling resin-cement formulation with high resin content, for ultrarapid hardening, designed to level and repair very disconnected cement flooring. Very high flatness permeable to vapour requires very few joints. The product is typically applied between 4 and 10 mm in a single casting. Always needs induction time before use except when applied using a pump.

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Self-levelling mortar ZN | Self-levelling mortar - Rezina

Self-levelling mortar ZN | Self-levelling mortar - Rezina
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