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ZN (A+B+C)

Floor tile grout

Manufacturer Rezina

Impasti fondo Collection
Use only horizontally, as a skim plaster system guarantees excellent adhesion even without primers on non-absorbent supports, such as suitably treated ceramic or to be applied as a poured mortar for rapidly adapting coatings of between 0 and 3 mm. Excellent for concrete, rapid and non-rapid screeds, self-levelling screeds both anhydrite and cement. This product is the ideal primer for almost all our Rezina floor application cycles. Tri-component epoxy-cement mortar made up of:m ammine resin in a waterbased medium, epoxy resin, and prepack made up of inerts and inorganic binders. Mixing the components unlocks the polymerisation reaction between the two resins and at the same time the cement begins to set. Thus the best characteristics of the resins (adhesion to the primer and resilience) and of the cement (hardening in the presence of humidity and vapour permeability) are exploited.

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Floor tile grout ZN (A+B+C) - Rezina

Floor tile grout ZN (A+B+C) - Rezina
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