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ZN | Cemento medio

Epoxy paint

Manufacturer Rezina

Professional Collection
Cement-effect decorative coat for floors, walls and furniture. Very versatile and easy to apply product, particularly used in bathrooms. Easily pigmentable product already available in at least 54 colour versions. It is one of our strong points in our “MARBLED” effect application cycles. Characterised by a very natural mélange effect. Less dependent on the skill of the applicator compared to other more similar products. The product has a high pot-life that allows the coating of large surfaces even up to 500 sq. m without highlighting any second coats. “Cement in 1 mm thickness”. Bi-component product. Additive added resin in a water-based dispersion, to be used as a decorative mixture. Excellent adhesion to the supports. Greater resistance and flexion upon impact. Resistance to cracking. Greater impermeability without varying the spread of vapour.

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Epoxy paint ZN | Cemento medio - Rezina

Epoxy paint ZN | Cemento medio - Rezina

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