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Floor tile grout

Manufacturer Rezina

Professional Collection
Steel grit reinforced tri-component epoxy product that guarantees very high abrasion resistance as well as good grip. These advanced characteristics transform this mortar into the ideal product for coating car parks, warehouses and areas subject to high tra#c. Product that has perfect adhesion on shot blasted concrete creating an irremovable whole. Tri-component epoxy-cement mortar reinforced with steel grit made up of ammine resin in a water-based medium, epoxy resin, and a prepack made of post treated metal pellets and inorganic additives. The mortar allows coats to be obtained with very high resistance to wear even at minimum thicknesses. Hardening in the presence of humidity and excellent vapour permeability.

Rezina Catalogues

Floor tile grout ZN FERRO - Rezina

Floor tile grout ZN FERRO - Rezina
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