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Additive and resin for waterproofing

Manufacturer Rezina

Professional Collection
Impermeability and protection of water storages and tanks, shower trays, inside drinking water tanks and outside new and existing structures. Impermeability and protection of domestic engineering works with osmotic transpirant effect. Decoration of swimming pools. Powder filler available with a white or grey base. Product with moderate ease of cleaning, if the support is prepared it is possible to subsequently apply a second coat to the product. Bi-component impermeable coating made up of cement, transpirant and flexible, with high mechanical resistance. Allows the passage of water vapour and the transpiration of the supports, creating an osmotic effect. Resistant to abrasion, does not create dust and does not necessarily need a final protective finish. Used both as a base and as an effect.

Rezina Catalogues

Additive and resin for waterproofing ZN POOL FINE - Rezina

Additive and resin for waterproofing ZN POOL FINE - Rezina
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