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Gypsum and decorative plaster

Manufacturer Rezina

Accessories Collection
Filling of non-structural cracks. Filling of holes and cavities on Industrial floors. Smoothing of irregular surfaces. Reconstruction of edges. Formation of coves with low radius of curvature. Gluing of tiles, marble and other articles. Filling of holes incorporating nails, dowels or screws. Bi-component product, made up of epoxy resins and ammine-polyamide hardeners, specifically designed for ease of use (the 2 components are dosed in equal volume parts). It does not shrink and has a low tendency to drip.After hardening can be sanded or smoothed. Offers secure adhesion on various supports: cement, iron, ceramics, brick, glass, wood, and insulating materials.

Rezina Catalogues

Gypsum and decorative plaster STUCCO EPO - Rezina

Gypsum and decorative plaster STUCCO EPO - Rezina
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