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Manufacturer Rezina

Primers Collection
Primer for resin floors and coverings on tiles. It can also be used to seal cracks before coating.Particularly suited for both absorbent supports and for non-absorbent supports, compared to the Pm 0 Sol it maintains high and durable characteristics of elasticity and flexibility, guaranteeing greater adhesion to the support compared to more rigid resins subject to crystallisation processes that over time can cause detachment of the foundations, especially if smooth and not properly treated. Epoxy resin-based bi-component product to use in combination with polyamide hardeners. Can be applied smoothed with a trowel, pure filled with inerts, or else pure or diluted with a roller. On difficult supports apply after suitable reinforcement with fibre glass netting.

Rezina Catalogues

Primer PM 0 SOL PIASTRELLA - Rezina

Primer PM 0 SOL PIASTRELLA - Rezina
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