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ZN (A+B+C) F.U.

Vapour barrier / Vapour barrier for roof

Manufacturer Rezina

Impasti decoro Collection
Both horizontal and vertical use. Ideal for both industrial and domestic surfaces. As a base layer for resin coats where there are humid foundations. The formulation of the product and the characteristics of the cement associated to the resin confer exceptional humidity dissipation qualities and therefore resistance to negative thrust. Can be applied with a roller or spatula, and has excellent anchorage qualities on tiles even without Primer. Tri-component formulation made up of liquid epoxy resins in water-based emulsion and hydraulic binders, used as a base for humid surfaces, carries out the function of vapour barrier under negative thrust. Once applied a consolidation time of 48h is needed. However before applying the subsequent coat it is indispensable to once again carry out the measurement of the foundation in order to check the reduction of the humidity obtained thanks to the correct reaction of the product.

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Vapour barrier / Vapour barrier for roof ZN (A+B+C) F.U. - Rezina

Vapour barrier / Vapour barrier for roof ZN (A+B+C) F.U. - Rezina
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