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Urethane paint

Manufacturer Rezina

Monochromatic Collection
Coloured product for final protection for floors and coverings. This product has minimal environmental impact since it uses a water-based and not a solvent-based dispersion keeping the place safe from chemical agents and guaranteeing an excellent transpiration of the support. For domestic use it is the true substitute for solvent-based products. Among all finishes it has the greatest ease of cleaning and resistance to shoe scuff marks. Please consult Rezina technicians before applying it in areas with pooled water shower trays and wash tubs. The special resins used give the Eco film characteristics similar to if not better than the same solvent based products. Except for a lower resistance to acids and very aggressive chemical agents. It has an excellent resistance to wear and yellowing. Quick drying and great ease of cleaning both for interiors and exteriors.

Rezina Catalogues

Urethane paint ECO FILM-C - Rezina

Urethane paint ECO FILM-C - Rezina

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