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T56 SW

Transparent varnish

Manufacturer Rezina

Finishes Collection
Product with good technical characteristics for industrial use for concrete floors. Consolidating treatments for plasters or mortars without cohesion. Initial consolidating and impregnating treatment for decorative mixtures. Its great qualities of penetration and consolidation make it one of the most versatile products during the finishing phase. Applied on decorative effects such as Wallcement and Fine Cement, it consolidates them and tones the colours making them warmer. Product to be preferred over the H2o - T900 on fine cement where there are dark colours and in more critical areas in contact with water such as wash tubs and shower trays as well as areas subject to greatest wear. Bi-component product, made up of a mix of liquid epoxy pre-polymers, additives and emulsifiers with copolymerisation ammine, additives and emulsifiers. The product has advanced penetrating ability even on humid supports and, after polymerisation, results in exceptional consolidation and a dust-proof and oil-proof surface film. Laying is recommended with the special wax applicator.

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Transparent varnish T56 SW - Rezina

Transparent varnish T56 SW - Rezina
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