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Flooring protection

Manufacturer Rezina

Flooring protection Collection
Coloured resin for parquet surfaces. Easily pigmentable product in all colour versions. The particular molecules of the primary compound are very small, this guarantees high penetration into the wood fibres, creating a perfect bridge for subsequent products. Some of the chemical molecules present in the formulation, within 24 hours, during a further coating, react with compatible molecules present in the finish; this makes everything into a whole thanks to a crystallisation reaction. Its great technical qualities allow it to also be used as a finish in low traffc premises. Bi-component system made up of epoxy and ammine resins in a waterbased dispersion. The product has a high solid content and is completely solventfree. Excellent resistance to wear. Easy to clean surface. Always needs induction time before use. Almost always coated with transparent or coloured Film Sol wood. Treatment in a furnace over 48 hours gives it the final characteristics that would otherwise be seen after 15 days at 20°C. Available in the rapid version that reduces crystallisation times by 50% and especially allows the application of two coats in one day.

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Flooring protection FILM SOL WOOD - Rezina

Flooring protection FILM SOL WOOD - Rezina
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