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Decorative listello for mosaic

Manufacturer PROFILITEC

Mosaictec Line
MOSAICTEC LIM 51 decorative listello in aluminium for vitreous mosaic with reduced thickness. This innovative profile perfectly integrates with the grout line, without displacing the mosaic covering pre-existing joints, and thus creating beutiful aesthetic effects, both horizontally and vertically wiith a high flexibility in the tiling pattern. The profile particular section allows its installment just with a simple widening of the tesseras, which once returned in their former position keep the profile in the right position, without modoifying the joints intearax. A simple solution to customize the mosaic adding a special touch also to the standard, easy to find versions.


Decorative listello for mosaic MOSAICTEC LIM 51 - PROFILITEC

Decorative listello for mosaic MOSAICTEC LIM 51 - PROFILITEC
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