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Self supporting Open staircase

Manufacturer Siller Treppen

ATHEN Stairs: Wood. Banister: Glass. Technical details: Landing Straight, 1/4 or 1/2 spiral stair layout. Self supporting stairs Treads in wood  50-60mm thick in solid wood, glued Treads with stainless steel bolts and acoustic insulation, mounted and/or anchored in the wall Treads with wooden distance bolts attached between stairs  Stair width up to 1050mm Stair banister made of: Safety glass 5+5mm Connection with membrane, glued. All edges chamfered and ground. Glass banister attached to side of stairs at 5mm intervals with stainless steel bracket Fitted round  42mm thick wooden handrail made according to customer wishes Banister height 1000mm.

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Self supporting Open staircase ATHEN - Siller Treppen

Self supporting Open staircase ATHEN - Siller Treppen
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