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Prefabricated bituminous membrane

Manufacturer PLUVITEC

Plura Collection
VOLTAIKA is a prefabricated modified composite waterproof membrane, made with patented technology, having differentiated waterproofing compounds. The lower face waterproofing compound is composed of distilled bitumen with high characteristics of resistance to ageing and phase inversion, and ECB polymers having heavy molecular weight which confer superior characteristics of adhesion.
The upper face compound is studied to give very high standards of impregnation and adhesion. These elements, integrating themselves, elate the exceptional quality of flexibility, lightness and adhesion of the VOLTAIKA membrane.

1 Polypropylene mat
2 ECB Waterproofing mass ECB
3 Waterproofing mass
4 Fibre glass reinforcement
5 Voltaika film

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Prefabricated bituminous membrane VOLTAIKA - PLUVITEC

Prefabricated bituminous membrane VOLTAIKA - PLUVITEC
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