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Prefabricated, Self-Adhesive, Bitumen-Polymer tape


Stratos Line
STRATOS ARS 2.0 is a modified bituminous tape, industrially preformed, conceived and developed for the effective closing and sealing of road cracks, and for preventing water penetrating down to the road subgrade. The Stratos ARS 2.0 Tape adheres and bonds in a stable and definitive way onto asphalt and all other building materials. It is modelled and pushed deep down into cracks by traffic movement, thereby forming a total seal. Extruded, preformed and industrially prefabricated; self-adhesive; cold applied ready for use. Sealing and closing joints or cracks to prevent water from infiltrating into the subgrade; Connecting and sealing joints to prevent the damaging of the bituminous mix and the appearance of cracks. Connecting and sealing coplanar road surfaces following repair and/or maintenance jobs such as joint repair between new and old surfaces following cabling operations or laying of sewers or technological systems; Jointing and connecting various parts, the edges of which form discontinuity on the road surface, between the bituminous mix and tram lines, concrete elements (such as kerbs and gutters), the outlines of functional elements such as manholes and drain covers.


Prefabricated, Self-Adhesive, Bitumen-Polymer tape STRATOS ARS 2.0 - ISOLTEMA GROUP

Prefabricated, Self-Adhesive, Bitumen-Polymer tape STRATOS ARS 2.0 - ISOLTEMA GROUP
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