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Polypropylene reinforcing fibres

Manufacturer LA MATASSINA

Polymeric fiber for the control and structural reinforcement of concrete. The Polifer 420 fiber derives from a polymeric mixture of virgin polypropylene with additives, and treated for being used with the purpose of controlling and reinforcing concrete. With Polifer 420 fibre is possible to obtain excellent improvements to concrete because the high number of fibres present in the mixture form a micro-reinforcement that impedes shrinkage during the plastic phase, preventing the formation of micro-fissures, and noticeably improves the mechanical performances of concrete. Cement concrete with Polifer 420 fibre admixture is easy to pump with all types of pump and does not in any way damage either the pumping machinery or the spray nozzles, thus avoiding frequent, expensive maintenance. Outdoor concrete shows no sign of corrosion. Polifer 420 fibre can be distributed homogeneously in cement conglomerates without requiring specific procedures. Just empty the bags of Polifer 420 fibre into the concrete mixer vehicle (or the onsite concrete mixer) at intervals of about 30 seconds; after the last bag, leave it all to mix for about 5 minutes, with the concrete mixer on its maximum revs.

Further details

Polymer fibre Polifer 420 controls and reinforces structurally concrete. Fibres are made of polypropylene with high density; adherence to hydraulic binders is, therefore, excellent .
It is water-proof ; it has a dimensional stability and an excellent resistance to alkali, to weather and chemical conditions, to molds and microorganisms.


Concrete reinforced with Polifer 420 fibres is used for:

  • plasters;
  • screeds for floors;
  • civil restoration;
  • precast elements made with face concrete.

Fibres Polifer 420 have a CE mark in compliance with requirements of the UNI EN 14889-2 (polymer) regulation.
The CE Certificate, the Conformity Certificate and the Performance Declaration of the Product are supplied with each delivery.


Polypropylene reinforcing fibres POLIFER 420 - LA MATASSINA

Polypropylene reinforcing fibres POLIFER 420 - LA MATASSINA
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