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Adhesive for flooring

Manufacturer Torggler Chimica

D1 E type water based adhesive, white. Based on special acrylic resins and graded aggregates. Designed specifically for laying ceramic tiles on gypsum plaster, plasterboard and wooden panels.Also suitable for laying on cement substrates. Packaging: 1.5 kg and 8 kg plastic containers. Consumption: from 1.0 to 2.5 kg/m²  

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 - Cement adhesive for flooring PIASTRELLITE MASTER PLUS - Torggler Chimica Cement adhesive for flooring C1 E type, single-component adhesive cement available in white and grey. Long open time product based on special cements, graded aggregates and special additives. For ceramic floor and wall tiles (single- and double-fired). For indoor and outdoor applications. Packaging: 25 kg bags. Consumption: from 2.0 to 5.0 kg/m²  

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Adhesive for flooring PIASTRELLITE PASTA - Torggler Chimica

Adhesive for flooring PIASTRELLITE PASTA - Torggler Chimica
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