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Gutter and downpipe

Manufacturer TECNO IMAC

The new gutter system starsystem, patented by Tecno Imac Spa, surpasses the simple concept: gutter = evacuation of water.
The starsystem innovation is based on four major points:
• Highest aesthetic: the supporting system hidden in the gutter channel allows the appreciation of the wonderful finishings in copper tonality and does not interrupt the purity of the Luna profile and the classy elegance of the Vega profile.
• Highest assembling simplicity: the junctioned stirrup and the rapid blocking system make the assembling quick and easy.
• Reliability and guarantee of duration over time: the reliability of Polimglass has already been widely proven by millions of square meters installed for many years.
• Reduction of warehouse costs: the total symmetry of the two gutters profiles highly reduces the quantity of spare parts needed and the hidden supporting system, in one color and one dimension for the two gutters, makes old painted spare parts obsolete.
If your roof is a masterpiece, starsystem is its best frame!

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Gutter and downpipe Starsystem - TECNO IMAC

Gutter and downpipe Starsystem - TECNO IMAC
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