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Salt cave

Salt cave

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The Salt room is spcially  created to promote the benefits of sea salt ions present in the structure: sessions in the salt rooms are recommended primarily to treat diseases of the respiratory system, skin diseases, allergies, circulation problems, high blood pressure, stress.
 Re.Pack Salt rooms are made up of high density self-extinguishable polystyrene foam, covered with Glass-fiber net and cementitious resin, ready to receive the final covering. Re.Pack produces with EPS  every type of shape, made on customer’s picture; every EPS structure is completed with self-bearing  walls, ceiling, and pavement, benches and other decorative elements on customer’s picture. Many salt rooms present the typical rock-salt surrounding, and also elements of personalization as for example chromotherapy and music therapy designed to optimize the benefits of treatment.
Salt as a therapeutic  element is something completely natural, since we enjoy the benefits every time we are at the sea. Inside of the salt room,  these effects are re-created and  amplified  to benefit the health of children and adults. Inside the rooms it is established a special microclimate, with a concentration of  iodine ions in which is higher than the quantity present in the air we usually breathe .
The salt room is useful not only for the therapeutic properties of this element, but also  because  it promotes relaxation and socialization. Moreover, the structure it can be enriched by example chromotherapy and music therapy

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Salt cave Salt cave - RE.PACK

Salt cave Salt cave - RE.PACK
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