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SUN DRAGON | Towel rack

Towel rail


Daum Collection
THG®: Daum Collection newest collection features sculpted crystal handles radiating with light and color, from the legendary glassmaker master — Daum. Since 1878, Daum has been crafting world-renowned beauty in crystal using rare and ancient techniques, and its perfect mastery of pâte-de-verre has earned them a worldwide reputation for excellence. For nearly 150 years, Daum has cultivated a love relationship with the greatest artisans of its time, working with master artists such as Dali and George Braque. Thus, Daum has now combined its expertise with that of THG’s, to present a brand new collection of luxurious taps. Daum’s collection for THG consists of six designs and considering that they are made by hand, every single Daum crystal piece has its own individuality and no two faucets are alike.

SUN DRAGON - Single towel rail by Intercontact, Daum Collection.


Towel rail SUN DRAGON | Towel rack - INTERCONTACT

Towel rail SUN DRAGON | Towel rack - INTERCONTACT
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