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ANANDA | Shower wall panel

Crystal shower wall panel

Manufacturer Glass 1989

design by
Spa Rituals Collection
Made to measure shower enclosure with swing door, 8 mm clear tempered glass with Shining Glass anti-limescale coating, adjustable hinges, internal/external Ananda chromed handle. For corner or niche installations.
Dimensions: made to measure within the range L 120-300; W 100-150 cm standard height 200 cm, made to measure up to 220 cm

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 - Turkish bath with shower ANANDA | Turkish bath - Glass 1989 Turkish bath with shower Ananda – an Indian term that means a state of extreme beatitude – is a complex and captivating creation, a project for which Glass sought the prestigious collaboration of the London-based Doshi Levien studio, a symbol of the melting pot of different cultures and experiences. With Ananda, Nipa Doshi and Jonathan Levien celebrate the union of different yet complementary elements: the colour and delightfulness of the materials, the refined design, the cutting-edge technology. A "bespoke" modular wellness project that can be put together to meet the individual tastes and needs of people wanting to enjoy the steam bath as a cosy, intimate experience. At the same time, it still allows for a more social experience, regardless of how much space is available, thus fully espousing the concept of tailor-made spaces, flexibility and extreme adaptability. A place of enjoyment that can be custom made, enabling the architect, designer and individual user to configure the hammam to suit their personal tastes, giving free rein to creativity and indulging their own desires.

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Crystal shower wall panel ANANDA | Shower wall panel - Glass 1989

Crystal shower wall panel ANANDA | Shower wall panel - Glass 1989
GLASS - Cersaie 2011
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