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SD 111

Gypsum and decorative plaster

Manufacturer FASSA

Decorcalce Line
Decorative gloss mineral putty for interiors 

SD 111 is applied exclusively on lime based finishing plasters, such as our fine-grained base coat plaster I 133. Application on “Malta Fina” (fine mortar) should be avoided, as the thickly applied product is hard and can cause the fine mortar to detach from the base. For “Malta Fina” only RC 155 stucco skim coat can be used provided that the mechanical strength and adhesion of the fine mortar to the base has been checked. 

- Containers of 25 kg approx. 
- Tints: see colour chart.

FASSA Catalogues

Gypsum and decorative plaster SD 111 - FASSA

Gypsum and decorative plaster SD 111 - FASSA
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