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Overhead platform

Manufacturer CTE

Zed Collection
Up to 3,5 T: Articulated truck-mounted platforms with working heights from 14 to 21 metres. The Z-shaped configuration combined with the telescopic boom allows the unit to reach beyond obstacles of 10 metres in height, with an outreach of up to 10 metres. The hoses and cables are mounted in metal housing to prevent hooking onto obstacles and breakages, as well as improving the aesthetics of the unit. The structure of the boom and turntable provide outstanding working stability. Over 3,5 T: Truck-mounted articulated platforms that can reach a working height from 26 metres to 32 meters. The Sigma boom ("Z type)" configuration in conjunction with the turret and telescopic top booms, allow clearance of obstacles up to 12 m high with a working outreach of up to 20 m. All the hydraulic and electric services are placed inside the boom framework to prevent snagging or catching onto lines, cables or tree branches, and are aesthetically more pleasing. They stay clean for maintenance purposes. The structure of the arm and the turret give a stable "feel" to the basket in all working areas. 

Further details

Work height: 31,5 m
Platform height: 29,5 m
Working outreach: 19,8 m
Capacity: 250 kg
Basket dim.: 2400x800x1100 mm
GVW minimum: 18 t 
Articulated boom (two elements)+ telescopic boom (main boom + three extensions) + jib
Sigma boom movement enabled by connecting rods
360° turret rotation on bearing turntable
Proportional, electrohydraulic controls in basket and ground
Engine start and stop from ground and basket

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Articulated truck-mounted platform ZED 29 J

Overhead platform ZED 32 JH - CTE
Overhead platform ZED 32 JH - CTE

Overhead platform ZED 32 JH - CTE
Overhead platform ZED 32 JH - CTE

Overhead platform ZED 32 JH - CTE
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