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Protection for plasters

Manufacturer FASSA

Elastomer evening undercoat
FOND-ELAST 223 is an evening and filling undercoat with fine plaster appearance for interiors and exteriors featuring excellent elasticity and water repellency properties; suitable on each kind of lime-cement finishing plaster both indoors and outdoors to minimize the appearance of hairline cracks on the surface over time. It can be applied in one or several coats as a preventive measure or to solve an already existing problem, before applying the PE 224 Elast paint. If applied indoors, it can be finished with a washable paint like LV 207 or PL 215, as well as with a breathable paint like PT 213.
- Container of 14 l approx.
- Tints: white

FASSA Catalogues

Protection for plasters FOND ELAST 223 - FASSA

Protection for plasters FOND ELAST 223 - FASSA
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