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SKIN 432

Silicone paint

Manufacturer FASSA

Protective siloxane finish for exteriors
SKIN 432 is used as white and coloured high performance decorative paint to be applied on exterior old and new finishing plasters based on lime, lime-cement, on concrete, etc.. The excellent water repellence and high breathability allow a versatile application of the product on both new surfaces and old paints or coatings, as long as these are intact and not loose or crumbling. Thanks to special molecules, which increase the mould and algae resistance of the paint film, SKIN 432 is particularly suitable for the treatment of walls with thermal insulation composite system. Furthermore, due to its unique formulation, the facades treated with SKIN 432 do not get dirty so easily as it may happen with the traditional finishes for exteriors.

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Silicone paint SKIN 432 - FASSA

Silicone paint SKIN 432 - FASSA
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