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Vinyl paint

Manufacturer FASSA

Smooth scrub resistant matt finish for exteriors
PG 288 PROTECT is a product with a high alkali resistance that is particularly suitable to decorate and protect perfectly cured finishing plasters based on lime and lime/cement, both new and already painted, to increase water repellency and resistance to mould and algae formation. PG 288 PROTECT is also used to form a barrier against CO2 on any exterior concrete surfaces..
PG 288 PROTECT is part of the FASSA tinting system and therefore it is supplied in white and in pastel, medium and neutral bases.
• Containers:
White and Pastel base: approx. 14 litres
Medium Base: approx. 13.2 litres
Neutral Base: approx. 12.7 litres
• Tints: see colour chart.

FASSA Catalogues

Vinyl paint PG 288 PROTECT - FASSA

Vinyl paint PG 288 PROTECT - FASSA
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