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Water repellent water-based paint

Manufacturer FASSA

Elastomer finish for exteriors
PE 224 ELAST is a protective and decorative water paint,with high elasticity and water repellency, which is suitable to be applied on each kind of lime-cement plasters in exteriors to obtain a finish coat able to minimize the appearance of hairline cracks over time. It can be used as prevention or to solve an already existing problem. To repair the hairline cracks apply at least 2 coats of the material until obtaining a dry thickness of 150 micron. The specific formulation enables to obtain a film with a good resistance to mould and algae proliferation.
- Containers of 14 l approx.
- Tints: see colour chart.

FASSA Catalogues

Water repellent water-based paint PE 224 ELAST - FASSA

Water repellent water-based paint PE 224 ELAST - FASSA
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