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AG 15


Manufacturer FASSA

Dispersion of synthetic resins for cement based products
AG 15 is used as an insulator, fixing agent or stabiliser of underlays before the application of our mineral based wall coverings (RF 100, RM 200, RG 300 both white and coloured, RB101, RB201, RB 301, RB401), and products from the Decorlime Line (I 133, LS 122, SD 111, RC 155, PC 144). AG 15 is also used as an anchorage layer on the surface of smooth concrete, to produce adhesive cementitious grout for the application of fresh concrete on old one, as well as for anchored screeds.
- Packs of 20 kg and 5 kg approx.

FASSA Catalogues

Primer AG 15 - FASSA

Primer AG 15 - FASSA
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