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Insulated metal panel for roof

Manufacturer Lattonedil Spa Milano

It can be used for roofs which are not subject to heavy operating conditions. Eurodueenergy® is studied to be integrated with photovoltaic modules in thin film.
Therefore it is possible to use it as simple and cost effective roof, reliable with regards to aesthetics and robustness as all other roofs, and it is possible to integrate it with a photovoltaic system in amorphous silicon.
Lattonedil® is able to guarantee your panel over time.
– roof system for large surfaces, fully integrated with photovoltaic modules.
– flexibility of design and irealisation by slope and length.
– resistance to atmospheric agents.
– ease of maintenance thanks to the roof footpath system.
– kg/m2 ratio inferior to traditional photovoltaic systems.
– ease of installation and cheaper net costs.
– competitiveness in terms of cost per kwh of energy produced.
– the ideal solution for the disposal of asbestos roofs, without the need for action on existing structures. 

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Insulated metal panel for roof EURODUEENERGY® - Lattonedil Spa Milano

Insulated metal panel for roof EURODUEENERGY® - Lattonedil Spa Milano
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