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Insulated metal panel for roof

Manufacturer Lattonedil Spa Milano

Ttcoppo® is an insulating panel to be used when aesthetics must also be taken into consideration for civil buildings.
When the construction is finished, it has the effect of a real tile roof. The product comes standard with the same colour of real tiles; it is also available with an antique effect. 
Ttcoppo® satisfies the binding urbanistic standards, and it is also used inhistorical centers. 
Ttcoppo® guaranteed an excellent thermal insulation thanks to the high thickness of its section.
Technical characteristics
Metal faced sandwich panel with insulating core made of expanded polyurethane
Working width: 1.000 mm
External facing: prepainted galvanised steel, aluminium and copper
Internal facing: prepainted galvanised steel, other facings and colours are availbale on demand.
The length of the panel is determined by the module given by the tile design; see the figure hereunder, with a constant dimension of 350 mm. 

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Insulated metal panel for roof TTCOPPO® - Lattonedil Spa Milano

Insulated metal panel for roof TTCOPPO® - Lattonedil Spa Milano
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