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Insulated metal panel for facade

Manufacturer Lattonedil Spa Milano

Sound-insulating and sound-absorbing wall panel made of g3 mineral insulation
Panel with reaction to fire: classe a2-s1. D0
Width: 1.000 mm
Length: customisable
Maximum length available: on demand
Thicknesses: mm 50, 60, 80, 100, 120, 150
Insulating core:
Made with a medium density mineral insulation layer composed of mineral strips, placed in a longitudinal way, with the fibres being set at 90 degrees to the plane of the two facings, with, interposed to the drilled steel facing, a black glass film, treated with special binding agents based on thermosetting resins and other components, with a high level of waterthightness and water resistance in order to obtain the higher than expected results for the durability dur2 test provided by the uni en 14509:2007 standard.
Density: 55 kg/m3 ±10%
Different density available on demand.
Thermal-conductivity coefficient till = 0.039 watt/mk.
Thickness mm 50: aw = 0.90 
Thickness mm 80: aw = 0.95 
Thickness mm 100: aw = 0.95
Thickness mm 50: rw = 30 db
Thickness mm 100: rw = 34 db
Prepainted or plasticised galvanised steel; natural embossed or prepainted aluminium; stainless steel.
The standard thicknesses of the galvanised steel and prepainted facings are 0.5 mm + 0.6 mm.
Other thicknesses are available on demand.
Standard colours:
White, grey. On demand, all ral colours are available.

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Insulated metal panel for facade ISOPARFIRE® GLASS SOUND - Lattonedil Spa Milano

Insulated metal panel for facade ISOPARFIRE® GLASS SOUND - Lattonedil Spa Milano
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