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Patterned handmade rug

Manufacturer ASPLUND

Platinum Collection
FISH - Asplund Platinum carpets are hand made all the way through of a mixture of 75% New Zealand wool and 25% finest silk. Eminently skilled craftsmen make a succession of tiny knots to create a unique, beautifully vivid carpet.
Hand knotted in 75% wool and 25% silk.                                                                                                                        
Finest knots, 40 knots per 10 cm and 8 threads in one knot.
Weight 4 - 4,5 kg per mq. Pile: approx. 23 - 25 mm.
Available in 54 different colours.
Dry clean only.

ASPLUND Catalogues

Patterned handmade rug FISH - ASPLUND

Patterned handmade rug FISH - ASPLUND
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