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Wood fibre thermal insulation panel

Manufacturer Sace Components

Wood fiber panels are made from the remains of sawmill, in the form of cuts and discarded wood chips, without the addition of binders and are therefore practically free from harmful substances, a feature that is worth the panels to be classified as material for green building.
The system of thermal insulation panel in wood fiber meets all ecological requirements, from production of raw materials to disposal. It represents a natural alternative to traditional insulating materials especially for wooden houses.
The thermal insulation must not only protect us from the cold winter but also in summer must create a pleasant living environment. In this perspective, the wood fiber, as well as the cork, is an insulator very valid because under equal conditions, summer allows to obtain in an attic of a value lower temperature of about 3 ° -4 ° C.
The panels SACE SPECIAL favor the diffusion of water vapor, ideal for the restoration of attics and walls. The profiles Male / Female provide excellent protection from ingress of wind and water.

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Wood fibre thermal insulation panel SACE SPECIAL - Sace Components

Wood fibre thermal insulation panel SACE SPECIAL - Sace Components
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