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Sliding industrial door

Manufacturer Mogs srl unipersonale

Steel system for industrial doors. Mogs industrial is a system for producing steel folding, sliding and double hinged industrial doors. Made from extra-thick steel (1,8 - 2mm), profiles from the Mogs industrial line can be used to produce even very large doors that will provide consistent operation even in heavy-duty situations. Excellent dimensional stability.

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Technical Features

Wide range of high-capacity accessories.
2. Option of fitting welded hinges.
3. tubular profiles also come in large sizes.
4. Made from black, cold-galvanized steel or Mogs steel.
5. Option of fitting panic bars on vehicle access door.
6. excellent dimensional stability (no bulging effect).
7. Long service life with virtually no maintenance.



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Sliding industrial door INDUSTRIAL - Mogs srl unipersonale

Sliding industrial door INDUSTRIAL - Mogs srl unipersonale
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